Worcester MBTA train in accident at South Station

A commuter rail train from Worcester was involved in a slow speed accident at South Station earlier this morning.  The Boston Herald is reporting at least 16 people have been taken to the hospital for injuries, including some on backboards, after the train hit a “bumping post” at the end of the track.

The driver will be tested for drugs and alcohol as part of the ongoing investigation.

Were you or anyone you know on the train? Let us know in an email or in the comments.

UPDATE(10:32): The official statement from commuter rail operator MBCR below the break.

UPDATE(10:42): The Boston Globe is reporting at least 20 passengers were injured, while the Herald says passengers who left the scene are coming back to report of neck and back pain.

“MBCR has confirmed reports of injuries to passengers as a result of a commuter rail accident at South Station this morning. There is no indication of the cause of this accident.

The initial report at the scene listed 15 injuries to passengers as a result of the accident.

The accident involved Train 512, an inbound train on the Worcester/Framingham line. The train struck bumper pads at the end of the rails at the station. Initial reports indicate the train was travelling at a low rate of speed (less than 5 miles per hour) as it entered the station.

The engineer of the train has been taken out of service and placed on leave pending outcome of an investigation into the accident. Data from the train’s onboard recorders will assist in the investigation.

Additional information about injured passengers will be provided by the MBTA police department.”


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