City Council Liveblog 9/15/09

7:07: Should be a quick one tonight. Unless there are some surprise fireworks. (Poolz?)

7:09: Fire and Telegraph building—the RFP process is starting over.

Councilor Kate Toomey: “It was a shame this beautiful building was not going for a little more money.”

Councilor Barbara Haller: “It may be disappointing we didn’t receive higher bids…while the money is certainly a consideration, the larger consideration…the real value of this property is how [it] is going to contribute to the continuing mission of [the nation’s first park] Elm Park.”

7:19: National Grid will maintain streetlights until the city consumates the deal that gives control to them…but the city owns some lights that are being maintained.

“The deal has been painfully slow,” DPW Commish Bob Moylan says re: the National Grid deal.  He predicts a final pact is 60 days away.

The deal is supposed to save the city money…but the delay means less is being saved, initially.

“If it’s not signed within 60 days, we’re going to stop paying National Grid and that will motivate them,” says Moylan.

7:32: All dogs in the city must now be restricted by either a leash or fence on private property.

Councilor Rick Rushton wants you to know he “loves puppies…I love them even more now that they’re going to be properly confined.”

(“He kisses babies too,” jokes Kate Toomey.)

7:36: “Puppies love Rick Rushton,” says Councilor Bill Eddy.

Eddy asks if we can ban particular breeds; Solicitor David Moore says no.

Eddy asks if we can muzzle particular breeds; Moore says probably.

7:38: Rosen reminds the council that dogs are supposed to be banned from parks…even on leashes.

7:42: No one talks on the tax rate/valuation item…we’ll be dealing with these after the election due to delays, not the usual political reasons.  Although a majority of councilors have already said they support the lowest residential rate…

7:46: Under suspension. Mayor Konnie Lukes brings up that DCAM is proceeding with an auction of the old courthouse.

She has concerns over what happens to the building, how it is used, and the process DCAM uses to dispose of it.

“This is the gateway to the city.”

It’ll be discussed further next week.

7:49: Petty calls the past two days of Worcester commuter rail – the near collission yesterday, and the accident today – “unacceptable.”

“Adds to what people are already putting up with.  Trains are late, they’re not showing up, they’re breaking down.”

“The whole situation is unacceptable…How can we promote service from Worcester to Boston…?”

Petty calls for another transportation summit.

7:52: Palmieri chimes in: “We absolutely, unequivocably need another transportation summit.”

“If we don’t, we’ll continue to lag behind, not only in safety, not only with the issue of how clean these railroad cars are, but we’ll lag far behind on getting more trains.”

8:00: In light of the Boston scandal…Rick Rushton wants to know how often and quickly the city servers back up email of employees.

Off the record, councilors say they’ve heard emails are being taped over every few months.



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  1. scully

    They call Obama a fascist for trying to help people get health insurance and these bums want to keep puppies tied up on private property?

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