Labor blues for Glodis

At the annual AFL CIO Labor Day breakfast earlier this morning, a table of 10 members of the corrections officers union stood up and walked out on Sheriff Guy Glodis as he presented a scholarship award.

The most public display of union discontent with Glodis comes as he eyes what is widely expected to be a statewide race of some sort next year.



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10 responses to “Labor blues for Glodis

  1. Dave

    they protest him every time he coughs, same with flynn…its a shame

  2. Reality

    Not even close to same as Flynn. Glodis is so anti-labor it hurts. He makes Flynn look like a priest. Guy forgets who got him where he is. Glodis doesn’t respect labor and has no ideas what it even is. He doesn’t respect contracts, union worker rights or the families of his workers. The time is now and Glodis has been put on notice…..either smarten up and fly right or be ready to find a new job. The word is out Glodis is ANTI -UNION and ANTI-FAMILY

  3. Local 550 member

    Everyone needs to know the facts. First of all Glodis is ANTI-UNION. Glodis is only PRO-GLODIS. Our members have been more than reasonable during Glodis’s tenure as Sheriff. We have been more than willing to work with the Sheriff, Glodis is unfortunately not so willing. Glodis cares only for a statewide run at an office not the job he holds now. Typical Glodis says one thing and does another. The fact is Glodis is ANTI-FAMILY and cares nothing for the outstanding men and women who walk through the gates everyday, and he has proven it over and over again. These men and women are not “cry babies” they are dedicated professionals trying to keep the residents of Worcester County safe at night and keep their own families together

  4. Worcetser County Resident

    Whenever I hear the name Guy Glodis nothing attached is ever good. Who are we putting in office in Worcester County?

  5. The most thankless JOB

    Just to get the story straight, it was actually 20 members of the Correction Officer’s Union (the Local 550) who got up and walked out on the Sheriff’s scholarship presentation. Before anyone goes forth saying how rude that it was, it should be noted that the union also gave a check to the same girl for $250.00. This was meant to wake people up to who the real Guy Glodis is. As stated before he is 100% anti-family and anti-union. He has the wool pulled over alot of peoples eyes right now, but not for much longer. I can assure people of one thing, when you see the real Guy, you won’t be writing the checks and supporting him any longer.

  6. jonny

    Glodis does not scare the people he thinks are scared. He has taken everything from the hard working people at the house of corupction

  7. Patricia

    Ha! I love it. Good job to the officers who had the you-know-what to stand up and walk out, I just hope they don’t have any negative consequences come their way. I wouldn’t put it past Glodis to stomp his feet like the child he is and try to fire each of them. By the way, It took Flynn 18 years to burn his bridges. It took Glodis 4. Maybe Glodis should consider the families of his officers before he wonders when his next fundraiser is going to be. What a joke!!!

  8. jonny

    your time is up, get out while your name is somewhat good.

  9. Susan

    I think it is a pretty safe bet that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has previously commented on this post is either a member of, or directly affiliated with, the Union that walked out yesterday morning.

    Posts on Worcesteria don’t generate that many comments…obviously an orchestrated response.

  10. Patricia


    Some are but not all, like me. However, I do know Glodis and how he operates. Maybe we should start looking into exactly what he is doing at the jail other than reading HIS obviously orchestrated media blitzes in the T&G. After all, he is a life long politician. I’m sure he’d never lie.

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