Election, Primary, Special Election

Worcesterites will have another busy election season starting this November.  Voters will hit the polls in November for city elections, on December 8th for the special election primary for Sen. Ted Kennedy’s former seat, and again on January 19th for the actual special election.

Just imagine if Worcester had needed a primary in September.

The special election dates were announced by Governor Deval Patrick today.  The governor said he would not be a candidate for the Senate seat, and continued to voice his support for a change in law allowing him to appoint an interim Senator before the election.

A legislative committee will meet on that change in law sometime next week; even if it passes all the necessary hurdles, any appointee may have just 100 days in office.



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2 responses to “Election, Primary, Special Election

  1. And now a nagging question becomes just how we’re going to PAY for those two Senatorial elections, as we’ve already transferred the money that was for the Sept. primary elsewhere.

  2. DNR

    Thanks for accurate reporting- the T+G rag is publishing one date in the context of the article, and another in the pretty graphic on the side. I vote you become a daily paper.

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