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It’s been a long, slow evaporation of manufacturing jobs, here in Worcester. Over the course of many years I’ve seen it happen. Weasel used to have a factory job, and it was a good one, too. Once upon a time, you could just walk in to one of the many manufacturing businesses here in Worcester, fill out an application, and get a decent paying job… just like that. And that job could ultimately pay well enough for you to raise a family, and even buy a house. You didn’t need a college degree, and in so many cases, you didn’t even need a high school diploma. These were the thousands of unskilled labor jobs that took on employees as fast as they could find them to do the work. And it was all OJT (on-the-job training) in just about every case. I was just talking to Weasel about it today. Those days are long gone.

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

What completely confused me about the interview was Dick Kennedy saying “Direct Air has the ability and is willing to grown into other cities??” Simply put they do not. We are going to have to just worry about keeping Direct Air flying into Sanford and Punta Gorda, never mind adding new cities. Maybe if we are lucky we get Myrtle Beach back in March. Sorry, but an airline like Allegiant now that it has turned public and has the capital can expand into other cities. Not Direct Air. Maybe the most telling part of the interview was Ed Warneck saying that “some flights have had 8-12 person per flight and that they have lost a few million dollars.” Direct Air can not lose a few more millions and if we don’t have better loads in the fall, they will be done at ORH.

Posted by “Kari Whitney” on

Calling all Vegans. Move to Worcester and you will never grow tired of your vegan dining choices. We found an awesome bagel shop called Bagel Time. It’s a small family owned place that is so New England (this is a hard concept for me to explain) and the bagels are amazing. What makes the bagels even better is that they offer (and sell) Toffuti Cream Cheese! One of my favorite foods is cream cheese and bagels so as you can imagine I am at this bagel shop as often as I can persuade my family to go with me. Keller is pretty easy since he loves the chocolate chip bagels. A fantastic restaurant called Buddha Hut had a fundraiser buffet for the local veg group a few days ago and we went. We had eaten at this restaurant when we visited in July and love it. What made it even better is that the buffet was $10 per person but Keller got to eat free. This was good for us but not good for the Buddha. Keller ate like he had eaten salad and veggie burgers for a week. This restaurant is so delicious. 100% vegan chinese food with health in mind.

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I think our elected officials are playing games with us. These head games are going too far. The President, the Speaker of the House, the Congress, and the White House Press Secretary should be ashamed of themselves. Does this President want this Healthcare Bill so bad that he and all of Washington would play games with the American people? Why? We have to find out from a half hearted media just what is going on in Washington. Such as a snitch line! It’s been removed now because of the outrage from the American People. What would have a snitch line given the White House. Well, it would have a probably did give them a list of Americans willing to turn-in their neighbors, or websites, or people just talking about healthcare concerns they have or failed to understand. How can we not fail to understand, we’re not told the truth. Such as, over the weekend we seen news reports about the President dropping or considering dropping the Public Option part of the Healthcare Bill. Now White House Press Secretary Gibbs says that will not be dropped. That would have been a start, but it still wasn’t there yet. You still needed to keep a level playing field when it came to rates versus the private insurance companies. We also wanted those meetings about end of life to be gone and eliminating a board making decisions on our healthcare. Ya it’s our healthcare, not our elected officials. Our elected officials are suppose to listen to us, not go by the good ol boy network.


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