Rosen, on the ball

If we didn’t know better, we’d think City Councilor Gary Rosen had already left the City Council, despite the fact he has over four months left to serve.

In an email to us this morning about last night’s Central Massachusetts Labor Council Endorsement meeting, Rosen refers to himself as WCRN’s “political reporter and commentator,” promises the station will be the “#1 media outlet for in-depth Worcester Election ’09 coverage”(we beg to respectfully differ), and gives a blow-by-blow of last night’s meeting.

It’s all good stuff—but it portends that Rosen is making a real effort to become the newest political analyst on the (small) local scene.

Who said ‘there are no second acts?’


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One response to “Rosen, on the ball

  1. nisa

    This is disappointing on so many levels. Gary , as a city councilor, at least made the effort to support real community initiatives. His dropping out only serves to narrow the click of the political machine that has continued ruin this city. As I see that none of the incumbent candidates, or the mayoral candidates will offer any positive change, or break from the political gang that is calling all the shots around here. Five minutes of listening to TAG in morning and I feel like I need a rectal exam. Sadly, it will be more of the same old same old in both Worcester’s political and radio scene.
    Worcester’s talk radio, in my opinion, aside from the occasional community event announcements, has been more infomercial, personal or political agenda/ propaganda rather than objective journalism. Perhaps due to commercial marketing or simply vanity. Gary could, with a bit more courage to counter the city administration weight, could do a lot more for us rather than join the other local talking radio heads in spewing pure dribble.

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