Blog Log Digital: Welcome back edition

Posted by “ocvictor” on

Rest in peace Les Paul … half of everything I’ve ever loved in music can be traced back to you.

Posted by “Pink Granite” on

Can the Boston Red Sox rebound from this lousy position of being 7.5 games behind the New York Yankees in the American League East? In a similar vein: can anyone keep up with this season’s ever changing Red Sox roster?

Posted by “paulie’s point of view” on

Got a chance today to bike around WooTown and enjoy the exercise and a few of the local happenings….also ran into every Pol on the hunt for a vote today at the local happenings and it was nice to get to chat about my own city concerns as well as hear about some of their own concerns and ideas for WooTown!

Posted by “extrachris_p” on

Has anyone been listening to 104.1 WBCN this weekend? This is the way radio should be played. They are celebrating thier 41 years on the radio with a 4 day farwell bringing back some of the past great DJ’s and some of the best music I’ve heard on here since the days when they ruled the airwaves. It’s a shame how big corporations (CBS) are ruining radio with their pre-arranged song list formats. If they played music the way they are doing this weekend maybe they would still be around.

Posted by “Ms. Crystal” on

Things that tick me off….People claiming a city they do not live in… If you are from Worcester or Framingham you are not from Boston, start paying Boston rents and then you can claim the city. The same thing in Stamford or Greenwich CT- You are not from New York. You are not a Bostonian if you live in Worcester or anywhere in the surrounding 35 miles. Emails that are spam that start with Re:Crystal A. or Crystal A.????? The General public that does not do their own research about the Health Care Reform bill and yet takes every bit of information propagandist throw at them.

Posted by “4rilla” on

So yesterday morning Crystal and I took part in the Sachs Diamond Dash here in Worcester. The dash turned out to be a highly competitive scavenger hunt/puzzle solving game on the streets of Worcester with all clues and answers sent and received via text message. We arrived at Institute Park at 9am to see a crowd much larger than I anticipated, but when the grand prize is a $15,000 diamond ring why would I expect a light turnout. The sun was shining brightly and we were working up a sweat just waiting in the registration line. I did get a kick out of some folks who were casually puffing on cigarettes while waiting to register, nothing like a few more smokes before competing in a race with a $15K grand prize! Before long Konnie Lukes was announced to issue a proclamation and kick off the event. When her name was called I let out a nice, loud gutteral BOOOOO for all to hear. Very satisfying if I do say so myself. From there the first text message was sent to everyones cellphones simultaneously, what a cacophony of sound, 400+ cellphones all going off at the same time with the first clue. Basically the first clue sent via text would lead you to a location in Worcester, you would text back the location and the system would confirm you are correct. They would then send you a second text which would involve answering a question about that location to confirm you were actually there….All in all a fun event, it was great to see hundreds of people in purple t-shirts riding bikes all over downtown Worcester on a beautiful Saturday morning. I am sure we made some folks scratch their heads. And hopefully a few folks from the suburbs who came out in search of diamonds got to see that Worcester isn’t that scary after all.



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2 responses to “Blog Log Digital: Welcome back edition

  1. Lee

    Thanks so much for the link!

  2. Slow news month eh Zoback?
    You’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel when you start quoting…

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