Gary Rosen drops out of City Council race

City Councilor Gary Rosen is dropping out of the City Council and mayoral race.

Rosen is making the announcement on WCRN as we speak, saying “I’ve run 9 campaigns…this would be my 10th campaign.”

“I’ve tried to get excited, I’ve tried to get motivated about this campaign.”

“It’s a lot of work…it’s exhausting.”

“…the fire in my belly has not been there the last couple weeks.”

“I, Gary Rosen, have decided not to seek reelection.”

UPDATE: In response to a caller, Rosen says he wasn’t forced out and that the decision was all his.

Rosen has already received well-wishes from fellow councilors Michael Germain (his WCRN cohost, who said he is also struggling to get excited so far), and Paul Clancy.



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7 responses to “Gary Rosen drops out of City Council race

  1. John Carnegie

    Good luck on future adventures and endeavors Gary!

  2. Joe Casello

    I can’t believe it We walked the upper Burncoat St neighborhood together just the other day and Gary was showing enthusiasm and interest. What happened?

  3. zed

    We’ll miss you Gary.

  4. It’s hard to get excited about continual budget problems. Hats off to Gary.

  5. Will W. W.

    This is an opportunity for change folks!
    Hopefully the next guy will have the courage to stand up for the voters. But whoever that may be, they’ll more than likely turn on the voters.

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