The hecklers gather

So where did that crowd intent on heckling Congressmen Jim McGovern and Richard Neal during their UMass town hall style meeting on healthcare come from? It appears that the crowd was made up of many of the same supporters of the Worcester Tea Party movement, at least according to morning callers to WTAG. Additionally, calls for attendees went out before the meeting on, where one posting from a “Ken” stated, “We know that Mr. McGovern will not answer these questions directly. We will confront him when he does not answer though. After a question goes unanswered, we’ll chant “ANSWER THE QUESTION”. We plan on being rowdy, but respectful.”



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3 responses to “The hecklers gather

  1. What they did was not respectful. It was rude and uncivil.

  2. Susan

    Me thinks what the pols are doing is criminal.

  3. John Morse

    I remember all the anti-Bush rallies, now THAT was disrespectful, with people carrying signs of Bush as Satan, Hitler (complete with mustache and swastika), Bush as a chimp, Bush as a monkey. Seems that was business as usual, eh?

    And remember Code Pink, disrupting the State of the Union speeches? Apparently that was OK with everyone.

    Asking a dissembling politician from the Progressive Caucus to give a straight answer should be “business as usual” and is not disrespectful. Someone has to get straight answers if we are to understand the issues.

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