Democratic convention coming to DCU

Worcester will get its moment in the sun when the DCU Center plays host to the 2010 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention. The announcement was made Monday morning at the DCU by Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, Congressman Jim McGovern and Democratic State Party Chairman John Walsh. Delegates will have a chance to get a first-hand look at the fourth cheapest metro area in which to live, according to Forbes Magazine. It’s a jump up of 42 spots for the Dems. The 2009 convention was held in Springfield (No. 46 on the list).



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4 responses to “Democratic convention coming to DCU

  1. Joe Taco

    Hopefully its during the Summer Nationals. We’ll show these stuffed shirts how we do it Woo style.

  2. Sean

    Maybe they can get Green Lantern to deliver the keynote!

  3. The convention is usually early in June. Four years ago it was also in Worcester.

  4. The Republicans are also coming in April so this a great chance for Worcester to put it’s best foot forward. Hopefully the economic benefits will be there too.

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