Worcester cheapness honored

Don’t you love it when Worcester is equated with “cheap”? It’s our legacy. And according to Forbes Magazine, it’s an honor. Forbes ranks Worcester fourth on its list of “America’s 100 Cheapest Places to Live,” based on the affordability of housing, cost of living, safety, employment opportunity and general quality of life. The Manchester-Nashua, N.H. metro area ranked first, followed by Ogden-Clearfield (Utah) and Minneapolis-St. Paul in third place. Worcester was just one of three New England metros to crack the top 100 and the higher ranking Massachusetts city. Springfield came in at No. 46.


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One response to “Worcester cheapness honored

  1. No freaking way will I ever pay for parking in this here town! Neva eva! I’m really a flexible guy, but I have to put my foot down on this. 🙂

    But wait till November folks, your real estate tax bills are gonna skyrocket like never before. In advance, I wanna thank the councilors for screwing up our lives.

    Hey, I got an idea. I’m thinking, instead of wasting all that money on a stupid campaign, just toss it in the city coffers. You’ll get my vote then.

    And I propose an ordinance, we fine every councilor who does something stupid. We the voting public as the jury. First offense, a thousand bucks, second two thousand bucksetc. Eh? Ya know, offset the tax increases like?

    Or, maybe fine the colleges every time one of their students gets arrested. Ohhh… that would be sweet.

    Seriously folks, you’re about to encounter a series of local tax hikes like ya never seen before.

    Last one out of Wusta, please shut of the lights.

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