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The Boston Newspaper Guild’s agreeing to a new contract on Monday reverberates locally. Now that the New York Times Co. has won $10 million worth of concessions — including a 5.9 percent pay cut, eight unpaid days off, a pension freeze and the elimination of the 401(k) contributions as well as the lifetime job guarantees held by nearly 200 union members — the company has strengthened its position to unload the paper to a local buyer. That should mean that the New York Times-owned T&G is also better poised for a sale, either sold along with the Globe and then later peeled away to a third party, or sold separately. The Telegram itself has speculated on potential local buyers, ranging from Duddie Massad to the Spillane family.



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2 responses to “Read all about it

  1. Who’s “Duddie Mossad”?… a secret agent from Israel?

  2. And what did the New York Times announce today? Increased income. An increase in income of $21.1 million compared to the same period last year. I expect this means that the executives will get fat bonuses.

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