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The Boston Newspaper Guild’s agreeing to a new contract on Monday reverberates locally. Now that the New York Times Co. has won $10 million worth of concessions — including a 5.9 percent pay cut, eight unpaid days off, a pension freeze and the elimination of the 401(k) contributions as well as the lifetime job guarantees held by nearly 200 union members — the company has strengthened its position to unload the paper to a local buyer. That should mean that the New York Times-owned T&G is also better poised for a sale, either sold along with the Globe and then later peeled away to a third party, or sold separately. The Telegram itself has speculated on potential local buyers, ranging from Duddie Massad to the Spillane family.



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Worcester cheapness honored

Don’t you love it when Worcester is equated with “cheap”? It’s our legacy. And according to Forbes Magazine, it’s an honor. Forbes ranks Worcester fourth on its list of “America’s 100 Cheapest Places to Live,” based on the affordability of housing, cost of living, safety, employment opportunity and general quality of life. The Manchester-Nashua, N.H. metro area ranked first, followed by Ogden-Clearfield (Utah) and Minneapolis-St. Paul in third place. Worcester was just one of three New England metros to crack the top 100 and the higher ranking Massachusetts city. Springfield came in at No. 46.

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