Rushton is in for council, despite rumors

The hot courthouse and political rumor the past two days has been word that Councilor Rick Rushton was getting ready to drop out of the election to go for an open clerkship position.

Not so says Rushton.  While collecting signatures at La Scala on Shrewsbury Street,  Rushton claims to be “excited” and “energized” for the upcoming race, and flatly denies he’s dropping out.

We’ll see soon: According to the most popular version of the story, Rushton was planning on dropping out towards the end of the month, right before final nomination papers are due.



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5 responses to “Rushton is in for council, despite rumors

  1. We saw Rushton last night at Elm Park. He didn’t stay long; looked rather dejected. Seems like he was getting the cold shoulder from the public. I wonder why? Um…

  2. By the way Zoback, how should one pronounce Worcesteria? Worcester-ee-a? Worceste-ree-a, Woos-teri-a? Since you made it up…

  3. rick

    Appreciate your analysis. I enjoyed Dennis Brennan but had to leave to pick my child up. I actually am excited about this election I just think politicians working the crowd when the music is playing is rude. Introduce yourself next time.

  4. I did introduce myself and my wife. We both shook your hand, looked you hard in the eye… So what can you do for our city? It’s in need of a lot of help.

    The same ole faces and the same ole promises, then why make the effort to vote? Because we know what we’ll be getting, the same ole same ole.

  5. Tara

    Looks like Will blew a perfect opportunity. He should have said to Rushton: I looked you hard in the eyes… and saw nothing.

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