Joe makes it four

Joe O’Brien is in the mayor’s race, officially announcing his candidacy in a Dianne Williamson column as this paper hits the stands. O’Brien’s in an interesting situation as a candidate: He’s long been respected as a political campaigner and organizer, but hasn’t always been successful himself. The former School Committee member, rumored to run for mayor in 2006 before officially stepping out, finished in dead last place in 2003 for School Committee, and lost a memorable 1998 State Rep. race against Vincent Pedone. But despite running Tim Murray’s Lieutenant Governor campaign and working for Congressman Jim McGovern, O’Brien’s been out of the political limelight for a few years now, and will have to raise his general profile beyond the Democratic Party faithful.

Trying to steal O’Brien’s thunder is Gary Rosen, who contacted both Kate Toomey O’Brien – and Telegram columnist Nick Kostopolous at the same time – telling the two other candidates to drop out of the race in an article that ran Wednesday. Rosen’s rationale is based on the conventional wisdom that it’ll be near impossible for any of the three to beat incumbent Konnie Lukes in a four way race. O’Brien has also made overtures asking his opponents to back-off; Toomey has maintained that the right to run is hers, as she’s been in this race the longest, though she’s holding off her official announcement until September. That leaves what amounts to a staring contest between three stubborn pols, all who feel they have earned the right to run.

The other problem with a four person race? The votes will be divided so much that we could be looking at a mayor winning with no more than 35% of the vote; in a low turnout year, that could be around 11,000 votes.



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4 responses to “Joe makes it four

  1. Who is voting for Lukes and where do we go to slap them silly?

  2. If those nitwits haven’t pull together despite Lukes as mayor; she’ll most certainly be on the council again this fall, if not as mayor, then not even Rosen or anyone else is capable of solidifying the council. Well, unless it’s all new faces. Really, after two years of not being able to “pull together”, what makes anyone think with Rosen, or even Toomey, or a newbie, suddenly everything will be “pulled together”? The solution is, get rid of them all and let’s see what dynamics evolve in the council.

  3. R Mills

    If you look at the column in the Telegram, it does a great job of outlining O’Brien’s stances and motivation. He’s a local and is great organizer and leader. I think it’s a great start and would be a good change to the city leadership.

  4. Yeah, but it’s all campaign bluster. We’ve all seen and heard it before. More of the same ole, same ole eh?
    So Wusta, let’s dump all the incumbents and see what happens, because we already know what they have in store for us after the election.

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