Booze on the course

The hearing on Thursday (as this paper hits the streets) for an alcohol license at Green Hill Golf Course raises an interesting question: Will a citizen board go along with the city’s wishes, or cave to advocates? The city is so steadfast in its support of alcohol at the golf course’s clubhouse, it is requiring operator Savvas Fotiadis, owner of the Manor Restaurant to secure an alcohol license if he wants to keep the lease. The License Commission has supported alcohol at the course before, approving a one-day tournament license as a trial run, and is expected to approve Fotiadis over the ongoing hum of opposition from those who feel parks should be alcohol-free. Some of those opponents are expected to show at Thursday’s hearing, despite the likely victory of a 3+ year battle by DPW Commissioner Bob Moylan, City Manager Michael O’Brien and others to secure a “real” clubhouse.


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One response to “Booze on the course

  1. Just what the city needs is a bunch of drunk golfers “inadvertently” driving on the course and into the pond eh? Just wait till the first driver careens into the pond and drowns. Do we liability insurance for that?
    I suppose since Obie & gang support this, it’ll be the new hangout for the City Hall fleece em all gang… can it be that the deal is, all City Hall hacks get free drinks. Wanna bet? Hey anything in it for Rushford? It’s such a nice spot for a couple lunch time cocktails; mix some business and pleasure perhaps?

    And WTF is the fixation will booze and golf anyway?

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