InsideWorcester: Where old Telegram reporters go

The not yet launched InsideWorcester – no relation to the old mag of the same name – continues to grow its staff, adding yet another long time/old time Telegram staffer to its masthead.  Ken Moynihan, the patriarch of Worcester political reporting, joins Editor and Founer Rod Lee, Ann Keegan, Lynne Ahlberg Boyd, Dick Broszeit, and Sandy Bowles.  Former Worcester Magazine staffer Steve Jones-D’Agostino, and Christina Andrianapoulos round out the collection of well-knowns at the mag, set to launch in August.



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2 responses to “InsideWorcester: Where old Telegram reporters go

  1. Rod Lee was on WTAG talking to Jim Polito early last week, and when he said that Ken Moynihan was on board, that was the clincher for me. When I got home I mailed out my subscription.

  2. What can those guys say that hasn’t already been said? Blah blah blah… Another group of conspracy theorists? Geez, how many are out there anyway?

    The T&G has all the dirt you want and it’s free!

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