No race for school committee?

Even as the mayor’s race heats up, many of the other races in the city have remained fairly quiet.

That’s especially true for the School Committee where, with only 19 days remaining before nomination papers are due, only 5 candidates have turned in enough signatures for the 6 member(plus the Mayor) board.

Robert Bogigian, Robert Diaz, John Monfredo, Mary Mullaney, Tracy Novick are official candidates; Jack Foley hasn’t turned in enough signatures as of today.  And incumbents Dorothy Hargrove and Brian O’Connell haven’t handed in papers at all.

This could be an easy win for everyone.



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6 responses to “No race for school committee?

  1. For an incumbent who chooses to run again 19 days really isn’t that long to collect signatures. And if you’ve already done it you can wait until the last minute to file the papers. If the incumbents haven’t filed their papers and haven’t declared that they aren’t running for the seat, then it’s likely they’ll be filing later.

  2. Jim, they need 300 certified signatures. And O’Connell and Hargrove haven’t even picked up papers yet.

  3. Are the folks on the school committee entitled to (city) pensions?
    If so, then hey why don’t all you unemployed Wusta folk run for School Committee!
    Maybe city councilor.
    It’s a paycheck with health insurance.
    No experience required.
    No intelligence required.

  4. Just heard that O’Connell is collecting signatures.

  5. Tracy, the nice thing about being an incumbent is that you already have a group of core supporters who will sign and canvass. In Leicester it’s only fifty signatures, but I can turn that around in an afternoon. I have to imagine that if I were on Worcester’s School Committee I would have a larger base and could collect 300 in the same amount of time. It’s one of the advantages of being an incumbent. Incumbents never disband their election committee. I ran two years ago and my committee still exists along with my campaign bank account. Once you set up the infrastructure you don’t have to disband it.

    That might actually be a good target for campaign finance reform. Not that any politician would support it. Make all politicians disband their committee and discharge their funds at the end of the election. Makes it harder to run for re-election if you have to reassemble that every time you run. Matter of fact, makes it a royal pain in the butt.

  6. Well Jim, if the committee and the bank account exists and you ain’t running, why don’t you give the money back? Now that’s the first step in reform huh?

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