Cost of being Murray

There are few politicians in the state raising money as fast as Lieutenant Governor and former Mayor Tim Murray these days. In June alone, Murray brought in over $61,000. But he’s also proven to be a fast spender. During the same month, Murray had just over $52,000 in expenses. So where does $50,000+ in one month go? Murray’s largest single expense was $5,053.31 for mileage to the Commonwealth; his next was $4,500 for consultant Kellie O’Neill. Consultants Taylor Harris Communications also took in $2,500. Murray paid $2,900 to Moody Street Pictures, the company behind locally-based The Legend of Lucy Keyes, for video production. There was $7,812 combined to Quick Stop printing for printing and mailing costs, and $1,643 to a T-shirt company. And at least 8 staffers or interns appear on Murray’s expense list for payroll/intern pay. Murray’s most expensive event in June? $1,451.40 on food at the Atlantic Beer Garden in Boston.


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  1. By the looks of Murray, I’d say he consumed the entire $1,451.40.

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