What is Guy Glodis running for?

News that Treasurer Tim Cahill is dropping his Democratic affiliation ahead of a possible gubernatorial race has ressurected the talk of a trickle down effect, and who in the state is preparing to run for what seat.

Prominent in those rumors, as usual, is Worcester Sheriff Guy Glodis.

For years, insiders have debated what Glodis’ next move is.

In an interview for this week’s paper, Glodis couches his plans, telling Worcester Mag he is remaining focused on running the jail for the short term.  But he certainly sounds like a pol gearing up for a statewide race.

“Those who know me best know that I’d love to challenge a race statewide,” says Glodis, offering his opinion that running from Central Massachusetts is now “considered an advantage.”

For more on this story, check out Worcester Mag on Thursday.



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2 responses to “What is Guy Glodis running for?

  1. What is Guy Glodis running for?

    Answer: Whata ya got? The guy is a ham-n-egger. Just ignore him and hopefully he’ll go away.

  2. GM

    Glodis has a tremendous base of support in Central MA, with plenty of money in the coffers. I can’t help but think he’d immediately be considered a front-runner for any statewide office. All things considered, he’s done a lot of the things he said he’d do at the jail. Maybe it’s time for something bigger?

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