Councilor Rushton’s Evaluation

“You have really shined in…areas beyond our control.”

He points to the way O’Brien has dealt with with the Asian Longhorned Beetle, the ice storm, among other crises.

“Crisis management has been…unparalleled.”

“incredible body of work this year.”

Concerns: Process of the grant funding fee percentage increase, and how it drastically hurt schools.

Handling of the public records request(s) to the police. While the dept does a great job, overall, he doesn’t think the police have always acted in the spirit of the law w/ records.

Areas of improvement:
1. Develop a sense of purpose. “Every good company…has defining principles.” Rushton says there’s not enough of citywide unified goals.

2. Wants better systemwide system for getting feedback and suggestions from employees

3. He says O’Brien models behavior well, but he needs to let other people grow more.

He just wants to be sure the city can survive without O’Brien.

He says he wants his narrative to be more important than his score.

4…a B++ he says.


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One response to “Councilor Rushton’s Evaluation

  1. I assume he either said or meant how the grant rate change will hurt schools, as it hasn’t happened yet.

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