Gary Rosen kicked out of City Hall

Looks like someone didn’t like City Councilor Gary Rosen playing politics in City Hall.

According to an email sent out yesterday, Rosen was asked to move his Wednesday press conference from inside City Hall; it will now be at 4:15 at McFadden’s.

“Evidently the City of Worcester doesn’t see the importance of allowing/encouraging candidates for elected municipal office to announce their candidacies inside City Hall as I had intended.  The City should be encouraged to allow such free speech as long as equal access is provided to all candidates,” he wrote.

This election is going to be fun..



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2 responses to “Gary Rosen kicked out of City Hall

  1. Is there an official policy on this? I have this vague memory of such things being done before…

  2. Ahem… Tracy, try calling the city clerk office.
    If ya wanna be in government, ya gotta know who to ask questions of.
    All roads lead to city hall.

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