Kate Toomey in for mayor

Kate Toomey is in for the mayor’s race, she says.  Bumper stickets will reportedly start appearing next week.

That means Gary Rosen(probably), Toomey, Lukes, and Joe O’Brien(probably) are all in the race.



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4 responses to “Kate Toomey in for mayor

  1. Now what can I say about her that hasn’t already been said except – don’t vote for her.
    Oh, don’t forget to ask yourself, what has she done to make this city a better place to live (notice I didn’t say live & work).
    In case ya forgot – nothing!

  2. WebsterSquare

    I think she has done quite a bit actually. I have been impressed with her advocacy of “buy local” programs. All of our electeds talk the talk about supporting economic development, but she is the one who is actually suggesting that people make use of local businesses.

    In general she seems like a very practical, results-oriented person. She has my vote.

  3. Pablo Aguiar

    Given this field of candidates, the old political saw of “first rate second men” needs revision…Worcester City Council = “second rate second men”…please come back to us Tim!!!!

  4. Webster Square, “done quite a bit…” Well I’m all ears dude! “She suggested…”, now that’s hardly a reason to elect someone to office. Wouldn’t ya say? I like to see quantifiable results. Like did she bring any business into town? Get summer jobs for Main South punks – opps, that’s Haller’s territory, or chauffeur kids to the to locals beaches, Bell Pond and Coes, after she approved of closing down the pools, or pick up trash around City Hall. We pay em to work for us so why can’t she and the rest earn their pay by cleaning the place. Since they ain’t capable of much else.

    And she’s ain’t got no website so any malarkey she puts out can’t be questioned. I found a site with a pic of her on twitter or somethinge. At least what I think was Toomey. A really freaky pic – a full face shot – she’s all prissed up with gobs of makeup – she looks like something outta a Fellini movie.

    So you Toomey fans, so you think she’s such the great communicator, so why doesen’t she setup a site and field questions from the public – I got a list 3 feet long.

    Hey Zoback why don’t you arrange that? Then you Wusta folks can see what you’re voting for. If any speak up, I can guaratnee you as soon as they open their mouths, you’ll see why they’re nitwits.

    So folks let’s get real with this election season. Put your thinking caps on. Question your reasons for voting for a candidate.

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