Mayoral rumors start flying

The rumors for who is in and out of the Worcester mayor’s race are starting to fly.

The latest rumored to run is former School Committee member Joe O’Brien, a longtime campaign Democratic campaign organizer, activist, and currently a staffer for Congressman Jim McGovern.

Sources tell the Daily Worcesteria that O’Brien has started talking about a possible run, though no decision has been made.

O’Brien says that he has a “great job.  One of the best jobs in politics.”

“Over the past several years I’ve been asked a number of times to consider that position.  Up to this point, that is not something I’ve seriously considered.”  Indeed, similar rumors flew two years ago before being quashed by O’Brien.

The politically connected and astute O’Brien would change the look of a mayoral field currently projected to include current Mayor Konnie Lukes, Councilor Kate Toomey, and potentially Councilor Gary Rosen.

UPDATE(4:10pm): So is Rosen in or out?

It’s been a hot question for a while, with Rosen giving non-committal answers at every opportunity.

Well, this should answer do absolutely nothing for the rumors.

Rosen just sent out a press release announcing a press conference for next Wednesday, saying “I know that a change in the occupant of the Mayor’s Office will be needed after three years of non-inspirational and disengaged leadership by our current Mayor.”

So you must be in, Gary, right? TELL US! WE NEED TO KNOW!

“I will be holding a press conference to discuss how important the position of Mayor needs to be for Worcester to become a city with better administered schools, safer neighborhoods, thriving businesses, and better jobs for residents,” he writes.

THAT’S NOT AN ANSWER…that’s…that’s…something else!

Rosen has played this game before, going back and forth in a coy non-answer ballet last election before finally announcing his mayoral candidacy.

Guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday.



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6 responses to “Mayoral rumors start flying

  1. WPS Parent


  2. Councilor Rosen has now changed the signs he has up on Pleasant Street a third time…he’s got ones that say “Mayor/Councilor” back up now.

  3. Saw ole Tracy up on Grafton Street last week with the kids. Think she made any points with the voters by doing that? Except for my grandma, I sorta doubt it.
    The next time leave the kids at home and try engaging the voters in dialog and touting your experience.

  4. Will, my kids like holding signs and waving. I can’t leave them home; I’d have to pay a sitter, as you may have noticed that their dad was there, too.

    I can do that and engage the voters. I do, I have, I will.

  5. Wee seem to have a knack for knocking everyone lately, even those who seem to be very nice folks…is it early men menopause?

    Any accomplishments of yer own other than being a father & husband as well as a cat who can’t seem to sell his home??

    I vision you being the punk in the class always picking on folks until one of those at the end of yer punkish jousting smacks you across the face and you run off never to be heard again:>)

  6. Tracy if you want visibility and CREDIBILITY how about entering into direct dialog with the voting masses instead of associating with a handfull local fringe folks on their blogs. How about a Town Hall meeting? How about comparing what you stand for and what the competition stands for? Differentiate yourself? Market yourself?
    Ya know, considering the median age of registered voters is over 43 (I used the resident list voter from the Election Office), I’d say you’re disenfranching yourself. I say that because I tried “name recognition” with my parents and a 17 older neighbors who consider themselves diehard Wusta voters – you didn’t show up on their radar screens.
    So assuming you want to identify yourself with a bunch of fringe folk, it’ll be to your detriment. Think about that.

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