Worcester PD’s surplus military weapons

According to a Boston Globe account this morning, the Worcester Police Department is among numerous cities and towns across the commonwealth that have ordered and received surplus military weapons dating back to the mid-1990s.

Worcester police officials confirm that the city ordered 40 m16’s and 15 m14’s in 1998, and another 15 m14’s in 2000.

Officials say that the weapons are only handled by highly trained officers in high-risk situations, such as the SWAT team, and that they’re part of a larger military surplus buying program that includes furniture and vehicles.


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One response to “Worcester PD’s surplus military weapons

  1. Wusta’s has 70 assault rifles in it’s arsenal. Geez, enough for a Coup d’état! Hopefully no one pisses Chief Gemme off.
    Hey, ya just never know? Or, when the terrorists come, he’ll be able to stop em dead in their tracks at Quinsig Bridge.
    And if they do come, are the councilors gonna take refuge in the bunker at Lincoln Square?

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