Uncovering the Canal lots

This week, we reported on the partial reopening of one surface lot near Union Station, closed at the beginning of the month in an attempt to drive more traffic toward the Union Station garage.

After meeting with business owners, City Councilor Phil Palmieri brokered an agreement with the city that keeps the lot closest to the Osgood Building open, at least on Friday and Saturday nights.  In an interview, Palmieri said he would like that expanded to Thursdays, and indicated that business owners in the are may be interested in taking some sort of control over maintaining the lot.

That “control” could take several forms.  While simple maintenance in exchange for nighttime access would be the easiest deal, there are some hints that down the road, a coalition of businesses may be interested in leasing a lot from the city.  That would be a new twist on the old idea of privatization, albeit on a much smaller scale.


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  1. Pablo Aguiar

    Councilor Palmeiri and his closest political allies are property owners in the area…you might want to look into that or disclose it if you knew it. This is less enlightened leadership than business as usual, methinks…

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