CORI reform moves forward

City CORI reform is expected to take a major step forward at tonight’s City Council Public Safety committee meeting, as City Solicitor David Moore suggests changes to a proposed ordinance in order to avoid perceived potential legal hurdles.

“This is the…best ordinance dealing with this issue in the country,” says EPOCA Director Steven O’Neill, one of the driving forces behind CORI reform in the city.

One of the legal questions – whether or not the ordinance would apply to the School Department – has been answered with language that clearly establishes the law is only for city side departments.  Similarly, the word “administration” was added to the ordinance to ensure that the rules were not interpreted as falling under City Council authority.

While some opposition is expected tonight, the council has supported the ordinance to date; the group is expected to pass a final ordinance on Tuesday night.



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3 responses to “CORI reform moves forward

  1. And while they’re at it, how about that illustrious group of idiots, called city councilors, show us their CORI’s? Just might explain a few things going on at City Hall.

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