Cab Wars audio slideshow

To accompany this week’s cover story on the ongoing battles between taxi and livery cabs, Worcester Magazine photographer Brittany Durgin put together an intriguing audio slideshow featuring drivers from each side of the fight.

View the slideshow here.



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3 responses to “Cab Wars audio slideshow

  1. The livery companies say that Red and Yellow aren’t servicing the Latino community? That’s complete nonsense.

    And just because I don’t speak fluent Spanish, doesn’t mean that a livery company can pop up, start operating illegally, continue to operate illegally, break even the simple rules that were set forth for them and then cry that their community isn’t being serviced or that their business is being singled out for being Latino.

    More livery cabs (acting NOT as limos but as taxi cabs) takes away from the already dwindling customer base.

    If we were talking about drinking establishments that opened up because they spoke Spanish and served the Spanish community and they did this WITHOUT proper liquor licensing, they’d be shut down in a second. The same should go for the liveries who are helping to destroy the taxi business in Worcester by breaking rules and then crying discrimination when they are caught.

  2. It’s called competition. Adapt or die. Maybe learn Spanish?
    And how can the base be dwindling? Wusta ain’t got a viable/reliable bus service. I see a lot of folks walking around with grocery bags. So drum up the business – ask em if they need a taxi.
    Hey, maybe open a Rickshaw business huh? Take the risk. The capital outlay can’t be that much. Invest in your future – your city!
    Or do you expect the council to regulate the taxi/livery business too, just like they did the for the restaurateurs in the hot dog cart fiasco last year.
    Maybe you can bribe a couple of them like the restaurateurs did. Offer them free rides – off a cliff.

  3. The point is that the livery companies are not complying with the rules set forth for them and therefore are acting illegally.

    They can’t BE taxi cabs because the City of Worcester only has so many licensed taxi cab medallions and none are available. That’s not discrimination. There are only so many liquor licenses out there.

    And even if there were medallions for sale, the liveries would say that they cost too much and that the prohibitive cost is discrimination as well. Oh well. If you can’t afford to pay for the thing that allows you to be a legal taxi, then you can’t be a taxi.

    Competition is one thing – Red & Yellow cab do compete with eachother, but livery cabs, by skirting the rules & doing whatever they want regardless of rules, laws, etc. undercut everyone UNFAIRLY. This isn’t crying, this is telling the liveries to follow the rules of livery cabs or find another business.

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