Waldron flies the coop

Former Worcester Airport director Eric Waldron, most recently recalled to Boston as the deputy director of aviation systems and programs at Logan airport, has landed a new job not too far from home. The new gig as the administrator for Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport is definitely an upgrade for Waldron in terms of the number and quality of flights he’ll be responsible for. There were many stretches during Waldron’s tenure here with zero daily commercial flights; Bradley has over 400 daily commercial operations. The AP cited Connecticut officials as saying Waldron has the “right combination of business acumen and creative insight to lead Bradley.”


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One response to “Waldron flies the coop

  1. Interesting…zero daily commercial flights for years…consistent budget deficits and anti-competitive rents levied on the only tenants willing to take a chance on the airport’s revitalization (rental car franchisees)…recalled to Boston as deputy director of aviation systems and programs…now an administrator of Bradley International Airport…

    Maybe Massport has developed an ulterior strategy to have Waldron cut the Bradley daily operations in half, and distribute them to Worcester…either that or the Peter Principle is in full effect!

    (“In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence.” – Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull)

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