Union Station parking lots not quite closed

Today was supposed to be the day that the surface commuter lots bordering Union Station were slated to close, leaving most daily commuters with the “best” option of piling into the newly built Union Station Riverboat Parking Garage.

But some commuters tried pushing their luck, parking in the usual spaces and, at least in several cases, were met with leniency.  In the lot directly behind Pat’s Service Station at the bottom of Shrewsbury Street, about 8 cars were parked while city workers readied Jersey barriers that will be put into place for tomorrow, blocking off access to commuters.

There is no word on what the Pat’s-adjacent lot will be used for down the road.



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2 responses to “Union Station parking lots not quite closed

  1. Gabe

    Wasn’t the surface lot on Foster St supposed to be closed to open up another development parcel?

    Doesn’t it make more sense to close that one where you may be able to actually do something with the land eventually than close the lots underneath the highway which will basically become trash recepticles?

  2. Red

    My guess: Parkman Mike and Paxton Julie will give a no-bid, $1.00, ten year lease for the lots to a politically connected profiteer.

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