Rosen’s Reelection Run

Gary Rosen is running for reelection to City Council. That decision runs entirely counter to what we reported in this column several weeks ago, when he was on the cusp, we said, of officially announcing a run for School Committee. Rosen’s announcement, made official Tuesday, came after such an internal debate lasting through the Memorial Day weekend, at least a couple colleagues didn’t know his final decision until minutes before Tuesday night’s meeting. Rosen says that while he was “very close to trying to make the jump to school committee … I just believe the place for me to be right now is on the City Council.” But why even consider School Committee? Rosen says he thinks the School Committee needs to spend more time talking about present and future fiscal matters, and that incoming Superintendent Melinda Boone needs some board support. Still, “I just love the city side.”



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2 responses to “Rosen’s Reelection Run

  1. If Mr Rosen was only interested in School Committee for fiscal matters, then it’s a good thing he chose to stay with the City Council. To be honest school departments tend to be good with their budgets. It’s a shocker, but true. Anyone running for School Committee in any municipality for the sole reason to focus on fiscal matters really shouldn’t be running for School Committee. If you aren’t doing it to support education you have the wrong motivation and won’t do much good. School departments do need to learn to be more open and someone who wants to help the school department by creating an atmosphere of open dialogue probably has a worthy goal.

    If Mr Rosen is truly interested in the fiscal end of the school business he’s made the right decision. From the city council he gets a view of the budget and he’s a member of the appropriating body for the City of Worcester. So I think he’s made the right decision.

  2. “school departments do need to learn to be more open…” Like that’ll ever happen. They don’t want outside interference and they’ve done a good job of keeping the public out… tidbits of this and that are tossed out periodicly, but nothing substantive. Also read their bylaws, it’s all about secrecy! Why’s that you ask? The committee and the teachers union both have something to protect – their asses.
    Think the new gal is gonna ride roughshod over that herd? Nope! The mentality is the same, whether it’s Wusta or West Virginia.

    And didn’t we recently got a whiff of what’s happening inside HR. Dig a bit deeper and guess what you’ll find?

    Anyway, for Rosen it should be a no brainer eh? Go where the pension money is! Maybe get a job somewhere in the school department? Boost that pension by a few hundred a month.

    If anyone thinks becoming a CC or SCM is for altruistic reasons, then you’re living in a dream world. It’s all about the money. Milk the system, the heck with the constituency!

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