Return of al fresco

Every year, it seems al fresco dining becomes an issue in the city, with businesses clamoring for sidewalk/outdoor tables and some residents/city officials complaining about noise; most of those complaints have been alleviated by imposed time restraints on outdoor licenses.

To secure an outdoor license – legally, at least – businesses need to go before the License Commission.  One of the intriguing things has been a steady stream of businesses requesting outdoor seating so early in the year: In the past, it hasn’t been unusual to see requests come in during a July meeting with summer half over; a huge problem if the License Commission delays a vote for any reason.

Next week alone, three businesses-1001 Hookah Nights on Pleasant Street, Mahoney’s on Park Avenue, and Emerald Isle(which has started building a deck) are on the agenda for either outdoor seating or patio seating.

To date, we have heard no vocal neighbor protests.



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2 responses to “Return of al fresco

  1. Where is Mahoney’s going to put tables? Right out in front at the intersection?

  2. Chris

    I was just saying the other day that a few years ago there were only a few spots for outdoor dining/drinking, and now there are tons! El Basha, Amsterdam Lounge, Emerald Isle, Mahoneys, the roof deck at The Center, Luciano’s, Cavo D’Oro and Mint being the latest I can think of. Lets hope this trend continues!

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