Sheriff Glodis’s community service team doesn’t take a break

After news last week that a prisoner, a member of Sheriff Guy Glodis’ community service squad, had escaped from a Leominster job site before being captured several days later, Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella said he wouldn’t allow the prisoners to work in his town ever again.

But the squad is still active.  This morning, the community service transport van was parked outside Union Station, performing their services that Glodis has repeatedly cited as saving Central Massachusetts towns thousands of dollars over the past several years.



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4 responses to “Sheriff Glodis’s community service team doesn’t take a break

  1. Ryan

    I think it’s a wonderful idea to have prisoners work. Maybe it will help offset the costs of running prisons…

  2. Embezzlement comes at a cost! Somebody’s gotta work it off

  3. Though I have been a regular critic of Guy Glodis, my criticism is very rarely directed at him (it’s his political machine!). I personally loved his humor at the infamous Irish breakfast. Loved seeing the real Guy.

    Guy and Tim Murray, too, have shown to be advocates for Worcester issues especially when we need them most. Guy sets a model for the rest of the sheriffs in the state with new innovations, cost cutting and holding the line with unions and prisoners both.

    Tim shows the knowledge of a guy who knows the city and ALL of its people and places. I am sure he is aware of the anger that central MA folks feel about the MA pike and the state house, and he is doing what he can. (Hey, Timmy, we DO have a long way to go!)

    I will never be a suckup though because I know I’d tell them the same thing in person. If I knew them better, I’d bust their balls over a few beers, and they’d bust mine.

    I respect the dignity of their offices, but I hope they are tired of the “yes men” that surround them because that sort of environment creates a false identity. They are good family guys, good local guys who–like me–grew up in this shitty city and are trying to make the most of it.

    In closing I would probably say I would like to see way more education combined with the prisoner population and more focus on free enterprise with the BoyLG.

  4. Who in their right mind would ever willingly go to Leominster anyway?
    Hey, maybe empower Glodis to corral a few welfare recipients for his work crews. I know a couple parks that could use a once over. Considering the city municipal operations department has proved themselves incompetent.

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