Is it time for another ‘No Slogan Day?’

Worcester has a new slogan.

Last year, almost exactly at this time, tired of the ongoing dependence on pithy slogans, Worcesterite and Daily Worcesteria declared a ‘No Slogan Day.’

Anyone up for bringing it back?



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4 responses to “Is it time for another ‘No Slogan Day?’

  1. Part of me refuses to believe this story. This must be some elaborate prank, right?

  2. Wirrlygirl

    how ’bout a faux slogan day instead?

  3. “This campaign calls attention to the many unique museums, outdoor adventures and special interactive experiences the greater Worcester area has to offer,” said Erin Williams, Executive Director of the Worcester Cultural Coalition and the City’s Cultural Development Officer. “Who knew there was so much? We did!…”
    This must be the 1,000th attempt by the city to boost its profile. Hey City Hall, it’s not working. Its gotta be clear to ya all its ain’t working.
    Also, reminds me of an article in the T&G last week… the one with the bus load of “potential investors”. The looks on their faces was… please get us out of this place.
    Its gonna take more than a goofy cheerleader rehashing lame marketing paroles to get Wusta on the map as a cultural hotspot.
    I got a few ideas… wanna hear em?

  4. “I got a few ideas… wanna hear em?”

    my ears are open:>)

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