Worcester and Direct Air make CNN

Direct Air gets some press from CNN today as an “upstart airline” making a name for itself flying out of secondary cities.

And Worcester gets a mention in the article, albeit for the wrong reasons:

Last winter, when a Direct Air flight from Sanford, Florida, to Worcester, Massachusetts, was grounded because of weather, passengers were stranded overnight without food or lodging vouchers. Direct Air doesn’t staff the Sanford airport, either, so nobody was on hand to explain the problem.

The article does give some props to Direct Air’s Worcester service though, ending with, “Worcester had no commercial flights before Direct Air arrived last year — now it’s a quick jaunt away from sunny Florida.”



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2 responses to “Worcester and Direct Air make CNN

  1. Murray Klempton

    Oh , for the love of Good, will you just close the airport and make it into a nice suburb, for Chrissake?

  2. worcester has an airport? and who the fuck is Direct Air?

    Here’s a great picture for those who don’t know

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