Worcester City Council 5/12/09

4:16: Underway. Debris removal from the ice storm will start tomorrow- crews will start next to parks, and placards will be placed in the residential areas that will be picked up the following day. Six crews should be on the ground on Thursday, starting north of June Street. Crews will be up to 16 by Monday. Work MUST be done by June 30th.

4:19: Private streets will not be paid for by FEMA reimbursed crews; the city will review and clean those private ways without reimbursement.

4:22: In addition to the storm debris contractor, FEMA has hired a monitoring contractor to make sure only storm debris gets cleaned up—DPW Commissioner Bob Moylan encourages people not to leave other material like Christmas trees, sheds, etc. “The monitoring contractor is not very sympathetic to what we’ve been through…the public should conform to the collection requirements.”

Still, he says, they’re working to make sure the line isn’t cut “too fine.”

4:35: Moving into finance committee. We’re going to start up a new entry.

8:19: Lukes asks for all future Election Commission appointees to be appointed without pay.

BUT, according to the charter, the Commission salary is by City Manager and City Council agreement…but the council already reduced the salaries without tacit approval by the City Manager.

8:22: City Manager on today’s WPI PILOT announcement.

“Though it’s the second college, I think it’s more historical than ANYTHING that’s happened in this chamber,” says Palmieri, commending a City Manager who has done what “no one was able to do.”

8:29: Clancy: “I think today, the sea change just kicked in.”

8:37: All the councilors commending this now…they all love it.

8:44: DPW Clerks and Teamsters Clerks moving to 75/25 health insurance contributions. So is Local 495…but there was no negotiation, it was unilaterally done by the City Manager after declaring an impasse.

8:46: Adjourned.  See you next week.


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