Senate axes local aid

Just as the City Council passed it’s FY2010 budget, the Senate passed their budget proposal, decimating local aid.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.



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3 responses to “Senate axes local aid

  1. Paul Gardner

    Don’t look for bravery from OUR local reps (O’Day, Spellane, CHandler, Callhan, Moore, etc.) They arent showing leadership on Quinn Bill, MA pike, pensions etc. Now that Bedhoppin’Bob, my favorite member of the Hair Club for Men and a guy who has more plugs than GE, is chairman of yet another state house committee to “look into” the pension problems, I will try to ignore the fact that Bozo Bob is embroiled in personal lawsuits, family issues and in personal financial distress (lucky you got that state job, eh, Bobby?)

    It wasn’t too long ago that “Spineless” Spellane told the Telegram during the Quinn Bill debate that “vital services” would be “maintained”. Vital services? That is code for beefing up police and fire unions who are always loyal Democratic supports. Don’t give me political doublespeak.

    The sad thing is, I am a Democrat, yet a dying, disrespected breed here in the Bay State: a small business owner. My friends in the public sector look at me with puzzlement when I work long days, fret over small details etc yet I am proud that I have never had to kiss some politican’s ass to get a job. Or relied on family’s connections to get my mistress a plum position in Boston’s insurance industry.

    We are getting a royal circle jerk from the entire state house. Just today I am reading in the Globe how a “new Senate ethics bill would limit donations to Patrick”; these guys are fighting over petty issues rather than solving serious, serious problems. It is quite simple. The Dems have ruled the state–ruled by a vast majority for about 40 years. Therefore, they must be held accountable. Instead we keeping hearing from the weak willed legislators how they are often “forced” into not showing the political will it takes to make cutbacks.

    The Pike, the pension systems, government employees are rapidly depleting what money we have. To our legislators, the Obama victory was somehow construed as a mandate for their outrageous tax and spend policies. The financial supporters of the Democrats (ie unions) are reaping the benefits, yet here is the thing.

    The stimulus program is a Titanic Ponzi scheme that primarily benefits 40-70 soon to be reitred baby boomers, not the under 40-somethings on whom the burden will be placed. No one in political leadership–and Mass. is a good example–is showing the bravery of leadership. No one is cutting back. It isn’t unlike an irresponsible teenager living high on the hog with Grandpa’s inheritance until he goes broke.

    But I guess I should feel guilty right? Isn’t that what Jim McGovern’s recent “arrest” was all about? Didn’t he go to jail so that he could look good to the liberal constituency of MA? While such aims as notable, until the problems back home are addressed, we can not afford the luxury of such protestations, Jimbo.

    I won’t be taking the MBTA, but that’s another story.

  2. Is Paul Gardner a perturbed citizen?
    Join the ranks pal!

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