Loughlin resume mix-up

Two weeks ago, Worcester Magazine reported that Interim Superintendent Deirdre Loughlin had wrongly claimed on her resume to have previously been certified as a superintendent. Now, it appears her resume never contained the false information.

That claim was reported based on a copy of Dr. Loughlin’s resume presented to the School Committee by Loughlin’s administration a few weeks ago as part of a larger package of credentials from teachers and administrators working under license waivers in the Worcester schools. The School Committee had requested the information after it came out that Dr. Loughlin’s administration had transferred former Superintendent Dr. James Caradonio’s secretary Donna Byrnes to a high-paying special education teacher’s job, despite a lack of qualifications and certification.

As part of an initial e-mail to Dr. Loughlin requesting an interview about her own certifications, we wrote, “According to your attached resume on last week’s School Committee report, you were certified as a superintendent in 1999.” In her responses during a brief exchange on press day, Dr. Loughlin never addressed her resume, though she did write, “When I was asked to take the position of Interim, I informed the school committee that I had let all my certificates expire as I was retired for six years. The school committee informed me that since I was only going to be an interim from September 15th until February 1, I did not to activate any certifications. If I was asked to stay more than a year, I would have been happy to activate any certifications. When I was a student for my doctorate in the 1980’s our class participated in all requirements for Principal, Supervisor and Superintendents.”

Now, Dr. Loughlin and her family point out that the second page of the presented resume — the one that lists her certifications — is printed in a different font from the first page and thus isn’t hers. Additionally, the pages list elementary teaching certifications; Loughlin never taught at that level.

Indeed, in a copy of Dr. Loughlin’s full five-page resume given to Worcester Magazine by her son, there is no mention of her state certifications. The first page is identical to the one presented to the School Committee, while the following pages are much more extensive.


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