State Senate debates….$1 billion dollars

The State Senate is meeting in a public session today to debate a budget that could be facing an unprecedented and unexpected $1 billion for the current fiscal year.

April tax collections have fallen over $1 billion over 2008, a 35% decline; that plays a huge factor in a new Senate budget proposal that is set to be unveiled late next week.

Yesterday, State Senator Harriette Chandler said that she didn’t think citizens quite understood that there was no magic bullet that was going to make the money appear yet.

“This is real,” she said.


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One response to “State Senate debates….$1 billion dollars

  1. Maybe there is a magic bullet to end the problem? Shut down all redundant and wasteful departments, work to cut government spending by 75% by September . Only maintain self sustaining enterprises. End corruption on Beacon Hill stop political patronage appointments. End lifetime benefits for all public officials. Stop depending upon taxpayers to continue to feed the beast.

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