Public Safety, 2009

A little light reading for the weekend: The Research Bureau’s just-released “Benchmarking Public Safety” report.

Some intriguing stats in there, including:

  • In 2008, the Worcester Police responded to 108,121 criminal and non-criminal incidents, up from 97,829 in 2004. (That, of course, doesn’t necessarily reflect an actual increase in crime)
  • From 2006 to 2007, reported violent crime in the city went up 2.1% while it fell 5% in the Northeast
  • The fire department responded to almost 33% more calls in 2008(28,953) than 2004(21,778), but budgeted firefighter positions fell 7%
  • Still, average response time is 18 seconds less than in 2004
  • More than 66% of WFD incidents were first responder/incident calls; 3% were structure fires

What stands out to you?


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One response to “Public Safety, 2009

  1. That the WPD is causing the increase in incidents?
    Opps… stupid me. Its less WFD, more calls, less response time… ergo we can do with less WPD then. Hey I found a way to save money folks!

    Ahem. I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for city dictator. My first promise is to fire all the councilors. Is that cheering I hear out there?

    Second. Cut WPD salaries and positions. To show I’m fair but not vindictive, I’d let them temp as school crossing guards. Cops got lots of experience doing that. But no $40/hr. Its minimum wage or nuttin. And NO health bennies.

    Betcha I can save even more money. Pay cut for O’Brien and take away the city SUV and require that he use the WRTA. Like the common folk do. Its good for morale.

    So don’t forget, vote for me in November Wusta!

    PS. That violent crime stat, does that have to do with the college students killing each other? Question. If a student gets thrown out of college for murder, does he at least get a partial tuition refund?

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