Clear Channel layoffs hit WTAG

As part of a massive round of layoffs nationwide, Clear Channel canned two key staffers at WTAG yesterday.

Longtime Program Director George Brown, who did everything from hosting shows to covering news to running the ship, as well as news guy Tim Cooney were both let go.

Weekday editorial/on-air side personalities are now limited to Jim Polito, Jordan Levy, Mike Messina, and Sherman Whitman.



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3 responses to “Clear Channel layoffs hit WTAG

  1. Liberal

    They get rid of a decent objective personalities like George and Tim, and keep a right wing nut clone, teabagger like Polito. Same message every day, oppose anything Obama does and offer no alternative solutions. Here’s an example of WTAG’s programming. (Polito) “Hi you’re on the air”. (Caller) “Hi, I hate Obama, he’s a socialist” (Host) “Good, I hate Obama too. Thanks for the call” next, (Polito) “Hi you’re on the air”. (Caller) “Hi, I agree with the last caller, I hate Obama, he’s a socialist” (Polito) “Good, I hate Obama too. Thanks for the call”. Then once BOTH callers have called in for the day; (Polito)” Tune in to Rush Limbaugh later, he hates Obama too”. Riveting radio Clearchannel. Sure to attract listeners and advertisers in a liberal Democrat state.

  2. Shoulda fired Levy too…

  3. WTAG rocks Worcester on local political commentary. To those of you who listen to WCRN, I am a constant caller/Twitter/stalker. J/k, but they do give me a voice to air some of the problems I see with state and local governement. WTAG is the one to beat; every politician on the CIty Council (“chicken coop”) and even, of course, the Lt Gov Murray have grown up with and pay tribute to Jordan for good reason.

    He is authentic, self-depracating, likable, blue collar Worcester and –early on–was the taxpayer’s best friend. He is still a great guy, and we all should be proud of his “bulldog” attitude when he was on the MA Pike board. Often times Jordan plays up the City Council (“cluck! cluck!) members because they are HIS power base. No one is yet questioning the necessity of Plan E. When people push for getting rid of Plan E and for a strong mayor, Jordan plays the Konnie vs Timmy wars again and again. He cites Konnie’s “power grab” tactics, etc. The problems that WCRN faces are related to growth and mistakes they’ve made recognizing that ‘CRN made some brilliant moves a few years back.

    First of all, they hired Hank Stoltz, a brilliant move, and failed to capitalize on the fact that Hank knows everybody and is wicked cheery.

    Two, they moved downtown. The “WCRN Media Complex” faces the soon to be irrelevant Galleria. My problem with that isn’t ‘CRN’s. It is that when UNUM leaves their present location, there is no plan for those empty buildings (“the UNUM/City Council shell game”) and I want to see the first floors of each floor provide retail space so that there is mega pedestrian traffic after hours.

    Three, Peter Blute. One soon to be announced mayoral candidate and I discussed the image Blute has in Worcester (not that I am a fan of hers): Blute is irrelevant to city politics where Hank is Mr. Worcester. Blute comes in 6-9am, lazily reads off Drudge and gives us his comments. My theory is that with the demise of newspapers around the corner, there is an opportunity for an alternative local news/investigative/social networking website/radio station. An all in one LOCAL solution. (Ya know, I DO have a solution to everything!) I have some ideas about building the caller base too, but I will keep those comments private.

    In a previous essay I wrote to the NYT, WSJ and Telegram a few months ago, I discussed–among other things–the fear we all should have that the post-newspaper world of bloggers and small stations won’t be able to do the investigations that we MUST do for local public corruption (ie Rojas case for example).

    Finally, the truth is I miss the craziness of Howard Stern, and I can’t think of morning radio anymore without Howard. Is Worcester ready for “shock political radio”? I can dream.

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