Best of, Loughlin stretches the truth, and Turtle Boy

We’re in a bit of hangover mode here at Worcester Magazine HQ after putting our a monster of a Best of Worcester issue this week (not to mention news that Interim Superintendent Deirdre Loughlin may have stretched the truth on her resume).

We want to thank everyone for voting in the Best Of Worcester survey, giving us our highest vote count ever.

We’re already hard at work at our next major event, the Turtle Boy Music Awards.  The monthly music series starts next Thursday, and our main Awards Festival will be in September.  More information soon.

Thanks guys!



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3 responses to “Best of, Loughlin stretches the truth, and Turtle Boy

  1. Deirdre Gerhardt

    Dr. Deirdre Jean Loughlin would never lie about her credentials. PERIOD! I never trust what is published in any blog, newspaper or magazine. If you want to get to the source, you need to do your own homework.

    I also know her credentials and her many accomplishments. I do know that she was asked to do this job because of her credentials and the fact she was the head of student programs and staff development for years at CAB (third under the superintendent). However, the articles and comments have missed that fact. I also know when she was a teacher she ONLY taught high school, however some web site got that wrong as well! She spent many hours after school with kids and weekends and I know that of course is not published, even on her resume. She has taught school administration courses at Clark and Worcester State. But you would know that if you called either school. Please take the time get on the phone and find out for yourself. Get the facts! Call Deirdre, she will respond unless she is busy doing something for the benefit of the Worcester students (her JOB!) .


  2. I thinks she’s pissing on you Zoback.
    Now don’t go hidin behind that screen. She’s calling you out. Step up and defend yourself.

    PS. Hey Deirdre, you ladys twins or sumtin?

  3. Joe

    Scott, considering you”broke” the story on the blog, and you now know this is much ado about nothing (or at least the only issue is with whover at WPS provided you with the resumes) you at least publish your new information in the blog as well. It would also be nice if you update the related blog posts with the new information and provide a link to the WoMag article in each one.

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