Like a Hoover

Former City Manager Tom Hoover has lost another gig he was a finalist for, after being passed over for City Manager in Lake Worth, Florida. Hoover, one of only two finalists to get votes from City Commissioners, lost out to Susan Stanton- the former Steven Stanton who was fired from Largo, Florida in 2007 after announcing plans to undergo a sex change.



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10 responses to “Like a Hoover

  1. John

    Ouch! That’s gotta hoirt

  2. I’ve long suspected that the only reason Tom Hoover was handed his hat so abruptly here in Worcester was because he wouldn’t play ball on the CitySquare deal. I’ve pointed out enough times the chronology of Berkeley announcing a privately funded $300 million project to be completed by 2007, followed by the ousting of Tom Hoover, then the announcing of the $562 million public/private project about six months later… which then languished for four years.

    So far, nobody has made a peep in response to suggest that I’m barking up the wrong tree.

    Tom Hoover’s odyssey of failure since leaving Worcester would be, I also suspect, simply a result having a singularly bad set of references sitting on the City Council here in Worcester. The prospective employers call, the stooges say, “He wouldn’t play ball,” and therefore he doesn’t get the job.

    Can somebody set me straight, here? I mean, this is really how it looks to me.

  3. Jeff, does it really make a difference?
    Who really cares? And who should care about Hoover.
    This city is in the shitter and all you and others can do is talk about history.
    Maybe that’s the problem with this city.
    Everyone thinks backwards.
    By the way, pure conjecture.
    BA you’re up!

  4. “Jeff, does it really make a difference?”
    It does to me

    “Who really cares? And who should care about Hoover.”
    I care. I care what happens in this city. As far as Tom Hoover is concerned, anybody who cares about a political machine turning an honest man into a pariah should speak up. So far, apparently, even the local press has no cajones for this story.

    “This city is in the shitter and all you and others can do is talk about history.”
    George Santayana said that ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ But to claim that “all I do” is talk about history is pretty lame. When it comes to simply asking how the CitySquare project would’ve gone if Tom Hoover hadn’t been booted, my guess is that it would’ve been completed by now. The 2007 completion date is what Berkeley announced when they first bought the old mall, before Hoover was booted, before the current administration turned it into the bureaucratic monster that doubled the cost, and before we ended up in the shitter for four long years while nothing happened.

  5. SS

    Quote=Jeff “before we ended up in the shitter for four long years ”

    Are you implying the city has only been in the shitter for four years? Hahahaha

  6. Heh… no, SS, you’re just inferring it.

  7. Santanyana… all well and good learned one. But… do you believe that the council, filled with retirees and salesmen, have the capacity to understand and learn from their predecessors mistakes? Assuming there were mistakes made. Are you implying you’re in the know? Or is it their attention span? It wasn’t on their watch, so why should they care, and if it was, there’s no accountability. If so, to whom? The voters?

    Ever hear a CC speak about it? No. Why would they? Who wants to be associated with a perceived failure or with Tom Hoover. Its history as far as they’re concerned. So your premise is not tenable.

    I didn’t want to get led into this. But if Hoover was the fall guy for the failed CS Project start? A leap I’d say. Who is? How about blaming it on a group of overinflated egos and stupidity? Murray was mayor back then – right? There’s your answer. In all fairness to Tim, gotta say it takes two to tango. I’d like to see ya point some fingers – if ya dare.

    But why did the Berkley Group buy it and then announce a completion date of 2007. First the economy was different then. That premise has changed – dramatically I’d say. It’s clear to me what many don’t get is that its standard operating procedure for RE developers to throw out as many “press statements” and “ideas” as possible into the public arena to see what sorta traction it’ll gain or what sticks i.e., how much can they sucker the taxpayers for? Then the city has to play a card. Folks, keep in mind this whole process is a game of poker – nothing more. Berkley has time on its side and better cards. The bottom line is, city management can’t do anything but wait and see. It’s card has been played. If as purported Timmy and the Boston contingent were involved, was TARP involved to prime the pump? Then that’s no great feat since the federal gov. is throwing trillions at anything that moves. But it sure looks good on their resumes eh? Gov. Murray anyone? I guess we’ll have to wait and see once the smoke clears.

    Taking it further and this is what I meant about going backwards. Folks should be focusing on the future. If in fact the City Square ever gets built, do you believe its gonna boost Worcester’s economy? What sorta tax revenues are gonna come out of it if there’s a TIP involved? What sorta jobs is it gonna create? The Unum jobs are already in the city so its a zero sum.

    What was the impact of the Galleria after it opened? Its before my time, but not yours. You’re a Wusta lifer right? Just teasing. I’d like to hear what you have to say. Because the scenario is the same.

    What businesses are gonna move to downtown Wusta? Its dead as a door nail and will remain so – until? So who wants to be the first? Unum’s not the first, they’re already here. I’m interested in knowing what the city offered UNUM to make the leap. A big fat abatement? Because I’m sure the taxpayer will be paying for it. And if it gets done, will it bring Wusta back to it’s former glory or any sorta glory? Look at Union Station. High hopes were pinned on that project eh? The airport um… best forgotten huh? From where I sit, it looks to me that Wusta is dead in the water. All facts point to that conclusion. Some won’t accept that reality. But I’m all ears.

    Good point about the press. The hard questions are not being addressed by anyone in this city, especially NOT by the “venerable press”. They’re effectively muzzled by corporate interests. And I’m being nice because this is WOMAG’s site and I wanna be heard. But what can they add that isn’t already known?

    Readers can call me any name they want for expressing my opinion. But keep in mind, my family too has a stake in this city too and as it looks right now, our investment was for naught. I thank the Wusta voters for that. Shoulda never left it up to them.

    Jeff… you’re pearls of wisdom are in fact pearls before swine.

  8. One of the dangers of going back and forth in text like this, Will, is that neither of us can tell if the other has a smirk on their face, and I just never got into the habit of using emoticons.

    But that certainly was a good parry!

    Anyway, the only focus I had in posting a comment to begin with was the narrow subject of what, exactly, led to Tom Hoover suddenly being booted, especially within the context of calling attention to the CitySquare chronology, and what has ended up happening. I happen to think the untold story probably involves some of the lowest forms of life in the city. That you don’t think that matters, well that’s okay with me. I just think the opacity is overwhelming.

    On this other, completely different subject of Worcester natives being chronically glued to the “good ole days” before the heart was ripped out of downtown and they built the mall, I think you’re right about that. There does seem to be too much bias in various and constantly re-emerging attempts to “lure back” some kind of “great big thing” to bring it all back to the days of yore… I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Since I’m primarily seeing the city from a daytime perspective, though, I can’t agree with you that the city is dead. Downtown is busy, full of people, and very alive during the weekdays. The entire length of Main Street is busy every day, all the way from the Crown Plaza Hotel out to Goddard Memorial Drive. I would be very hard pressed to identify any other commercial neighborhoods in the city that aren’t busy every day, either.

    Water Street, Green Street, Millbury Street, Grafton Street, Shrewsbury Street, Lincoln Street, West Boylston Street, Highland Street, Park Avenue, Grove Street, Pleasant Street, Chandler Street, Tatnuck Square, Stafford Street, James Street… I could probably list a few more… It’s very busy out there! It’s not a dead city by any wild stretch of the imagination.

    In the end, I guess that if I found myself thinking that I was casting pearls before swine, then I’d just have to change my opinion of the audience.

  9. good points lads….I don’t think it was so much a conspiracy Wormy as it was few saw Hoovah being able to the city to the next level.

    What objections could he have had with CitySquare?

    He once told me he had no plans to help me or any other rehabbah gentrify the city

  10. That makes you several notches up on the subject of Tom Who-Vah than me, Paulie… I never even saw him from a distance in real life, never mind talking to him. Anything I think I know about all this, I read in the papers…

    I’m ambivalent on the subject of gentrification. All I know is that gentrification fails miserably without any gentry. But I don’t know where Tom Who-Vah was on the political spectrum… right? left? middle?

    The thing is that he got sacked quite suddenly by the Murray Machine, …and Konnie Lukes was very pissed off about it. So I have to wonder about Tom Who-Vah.

    Maybe an important part of this puzzle would be to dig up how much he either promoted or deterred the funding of “affordable housing” in the city while he was at the wheel? Wouldn’t that tell us which side of the smelly onion he was on?

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