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Like a Hoover

Former City Manager Tom Hoover has lost another gig he was a finalist for, after being passed over for City Manager in Lake Worth, Florida. Hoover, one of only two finalists to get votes from City Commissioners, lost out to Susan Stanton- the former Steven Stanton who was fired from Largo, Florida in 2007 after announcing plans to undergo a sex change.



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Open Thread

There’s been a lot of big news this week, from the major TIF for Unum at CitySquare to the Tea Party(or was it T.E.A Party), to a dour budget, to the state saying we could be facing more budget cuts.

We’re going to leave this post wide open to get your thoughts on the week, and what it means for the city financially going forward.

Do we have a shot of making it through the next couple years intact? Or is there some drastic action you think will save us?

The comments are open.

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New Blog: Worcester Diversion

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new blog somewhere over there to the right in the links.

Worcester Mag has finally launched a A&E blog, a little something we like to call “Diversions.”  The blog – along with this one – will be going through some major growth and changes over the next couple months, but we wanted to get you all introduced now.


Worcester Diversions

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