Big turnout for Tea Party protest

Downtown is swamped with protestors for today’s Tea Party protest—caught in the traffic? Have pictures? Protesting yourself?

Let us know.



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21 responses to “Big turnout for Tea Party protest

  1. Here’s a crowd photo I found:

    About 50 people–maybe early on, or only part of the scene.

  2. Santo

    50 people means downtown is swamped? either worcesteria has become Rupert Murdoch’s latest acquisition or downtown Worcester is in worse shape than we thought! What, no guest message from Newt Gingrich?

  3. I’m seeing 2 Twitter crowd estimates in the past 40 min, one 300, one 1500. Based on my own experience, I wouldn’t trust a crowd estimate unless it was done by someone with lots of experience, or by someone who actually counted heads. Too easy to let bias swing your guesses.

  4. Santo

    Good call, Mike

  5. NECN says more than 1000:

    They have also decided this is not a “Tea Party” but a “T.E.A. Party.”

    WTAG has low-res crowd pix:

  6. Darn it, are you moderating posts with multiple links?

    WTAG has low-res crowd pix:

  7. Over a thousand per NECN, but from the looks of the pics at WTAG maybe more like between 2 and 3 thousand, just at a completely unqualified guess.

    It was very noticable to me, but maybe not to others, that NECN spliced in Jim McGovern’s comments from some other footage they had. If he was in Lincoln Square today between 4pm and 6pm, I’ll be VERY surprised.

  8. Also interesting to note that the T&G has yet to put any breaking news coverage of this event online, as of 7 pm.

  9. scottzoback

    Interestingly, NECN is calling the Boston event a “Tea Party” and the Worcester one a “T.E.A. Party.”

    They also bring up an excellent point about Boston, something that was true with some of the early emails and messages we got about this event in Worcester: While originally an event about taxes, it seems to have grown into an ambiguous protest about….well, everything that’s wrong with America.

    As for the lack of Telegram coverage: They did an editorial earlier this year, but NECN says the Globe has said they won’t cover the event at all.

  10. Joe Taco

    Is that true Scott? How can they not.

    I was under the impress that these events were the result of a CNBC fininacial analyst, Rick Santelli in regards to government spending not taxes.

  11. Joe Taco


  12. The Globe has an AP article on its site:

    I can understand them thinking, “A couple hundred people at a demo in Boston is not necessarily remarkable,” but this is an interesting nationwide story. Will be surprised if they run nothing in the paper. (Even if the editors felt some personal anger at the event, how better to respond than with an article mentioning that this Tea Party in Boston had like 5% the turnout of the original?)

  13. Joe

    There is an article in this morning’s T&G, though….

  14. >>originally an event about taxes, it seems to have grown into an ambiguous protest about….well, everything that’s wrong with America.<<
    Yes, this seemed to be what was going on. They were protesting everything.

    I have to drive through there to get home so I stopped to take pictures:
    This was some time between 5 and 6 pm.

  15. Joe Taco

    I can never wait the half hour it takes to open the T&G website to read their stories.

  16. Why was Todd Chapin dressed as Thomas Jefferson? Was that an anti-federalist statement? I’m trying to find the connection there.

    My kids assumed he must be dressed as Paul Revere, if it was a tea party.

  17. Ken

    I created a YouTube channel with several short videos that I made from the Worcester Tea Party.

  18. Mattwell House-not chock full'o nuts

    I wanted to go and complain about everything that is a problem, but I’m too busy trying to find solutions in my own life.

    I think emotions are their for a reason, one of which is to spur us into taking action about something that doesn’t have a deffinite outcome evident to our cortex in the present.

    The formulation of some deffinite outcome presented to our problem solving abilities which is designed to manipulate the emotions, however, doesn’t seem to get much done except for instigating more emotional responses with no directed focus.

  19. Mattwell House-not chock full'o nuts

    Damn, just looked at a crowd picture. I swear there’s a guy with a sign about fighting pirates. I think I found my crowd, I’ve got so many sign ideas about things I can’t stand.

    “Foot Powder-It’s not Working”

    “That Median on Foster Street-We Needed That?”

    “Stop Making Cheap Crap-It Breaks!”

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