All your studies are belong to us

Forbes’ ranking of Worcester as the #9 most livable city in the country was immediately seized on by city officials and pols as a huge deal for the city. City Manager Michael O’Brien said the city will use the ranking in marketing campaigns, Kate Toomey asked for billboards on the outskirts of the city to advertise the title, and Paul Clancy requested the information be plastered across all city websites.

One problem: As great as it sounds, the ranking doesn’t really belong to Worcester.   More accurately, we should be placing those billboards at the outskirts of the county.

According to Forbes’ methodology, the study used so-called “metropolitan statistical areas” as designated by the US Census. The MSA consists of Worcester County, hence the high rankings for certain components of the survey. Of course, if we want to brag about being the county seat, it’s all ours.



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4 responses to “All your studies are belong to us

  1. Big Asshole

    I can see the “We’re #9!” Billboards right up over the faded “All American City – 2000” signs that have been rotting off the Mass Pike Worcester exits for the past 9 years

  2. Santo

    Does anybody remember when Fitchburg was ranked #7 around 1996…I know WoMag did a great investigative piece on how flawed these rankings are…it’s nice to get the attention and all, but any ranking that has Tulsa and Oklahoma City even ranked, let alone higher than Worcester in the top 10 is clearly suspect…

  3. As you said when you first reported this, now it’s just a matter of getting the city to believe it. From the looks of the comments we still have a ways to go.

    Billboards are a little much, but when you get recognition like this you have to figure out a way to use it to your advantage.

  4. Gabe, when’s the last time you saw daylight dude?
    The next time the sun comes up, take a look around. Whatdaya see?

    You’ve been yapping away on your blog about how great this place is, that is when you’re not bashing foreigners. You’ve had more than enough time to figure something out. So here’s your chance. Tell us your plan for boosting the psyche of this dumpy ass city?

    And statistically, 2 comments from 175,000 residents, isn’t quite a relevant sampling.
    I can see, you obviously didn’t go to school in Wusta. If ya did, ya woulda known that.

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