Worcester to lose commuter trains?

Unless the legislature helps the MBTA with its $160 million deficit, Worcester could lose all weekend service, and one Boston-bound commuter trail train and three incoming trains every weekday after 7pm.

According to a document obtained by the Boston Globe, state officials are debating moves that would essentially transform the MBTA into a rush-hour commuter service, and decimate Worcester service that has been finally built up to a more acceptable level for many.



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6 responses to “Worcester to lose commuter trains?

  1. Jim S

    As painful as it is going to be it is time to completely dismantle the hackfest that is the MBTA, and come up with a new organization free of the bloated fat that is the MBTA from top to bottom. Yup it’s going to hurt, but it is necessary. The sooner the MBTA is dismantled the sooner we can start the business of developing an organization that will properly and efficiently manage our public transportation needs.

  2. Big Asshole

    Oh man! What’s that ONE GUY who doesn’t mind getting to Boston in 2.5 hours gonna do now?

  3. Greg

    Hey, ‘big asshole,’ do you know how packed those trains are on weekdays? Your an idiot. This could possibly be devastating to 1) Worcester, and 2) commuters.

  4. Greg, its spelled, you’re.
    As in, you are an idiot.
    Sorry, its just the BA in me.

  5. Big Asshole

    Hey Greg, I’m sure an alternative ride can be arranged for 1) You and 2) your friend

  6. Don’t feed the troll guys.

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