Andrew WK apologizes to Clark University

Pretty classy move here by Andrew WK, who was scheduled to play a show later this month at Clark University, but was forced to cancel to film a planned TV show.

The musician filmed a 2 minute apology “…with the hopes and strong belief  that there will be many other opportunities to play at Worcester, Massachusetts and hopefully at Clark University again.”

Not bad…just hope he follows through and comes to town soon.



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5 responses to “Andrew WK apologizes to Clark University

  1. Big Asshole

    Wow. If a shamelessly insincere 2 minutes worth of stumbling through an apology isn’t classy, I don’t know what is! Even if he batters the pronunciation of the village name. I mean, talk about class act – check out that t-shirt! It’s got his own name on it AND this morning’s Bloody Mary. Here’s to you Andrew W.K. – whoever you are…

  2. big asshole yourself

    you really aren’t familiar with andrew wk, are you? probably the nicest guy on the planet, so yes, it was a genuine apology.

  3. It would be more classy if he had a contract with a termination clause built into should some other more profitable engagment pop up. I’m guessing he did. If not, Clark could sue for damages. That would be pretty cool too.
    It is also rare that you hear of a music artist cherry picking gigs, leaving an instituion hanging, and then recieves indirect prasies for it.

  4. Big Asshole

    he seems like a nice enough guy, and his music is classier than class could be!

  5. Clark Student

    Andrew WK put on one of the best shows I have seen last night at Clark. He made good on his word to come here and party hard. He’s an awesome guy and was extremely sincere in that apology.

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