Weapons cuts hits close to home

The Boston Globe reports President Barack Obama’s plan to cut weapons programs could hit a factory in North Grafton.

A metal works plant in North Grafton, Mass., that shapes titanium for use in the Air Force’s F-22 fighter jet stands to lose as much as one-fifth of its workforce if production is halted, while more than 2,000 jobs could be lost at divisions of United Technologies in Connecticut that build the jet’s engine and electrical power systems, officials say.

UPDATE: Someone questioned what factory was being hit.  It’s Precision Castparts, according to the Globe.



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2 responses to “Weapons cuts hits close to home

  1. Santo

    “a factory in North Grafton”

    good research, guys!
    what oh WHAT could it be??
    hint: initials are W-G
    I wouldn’t expect wire reporters in Boston to know what it is, but WoMag? I know it’s a Friday, but c’mon…

  2. Big Asshole

    I’m sure all this type of work will be outsourced by the end of Oboya’s terms anyway…

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