Moses killed

A man reportedly in court for a speeding ticket allegedly got upset earlier today, and rocked/knocked over the recently restored 147-year-old Moses statue that had been in the old Worcester courthouse for 97 years, and the new one since last month.

By all courthouse accounts, the plaster statue is heavily damaged, potentially beyond repair.

“When plaster and marble meet…” said one courthouse visitor today.



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4 responses to “Moses killed

  1. Wouldn’t you think something like that would be bolted down to prevent just this sort of thing?

  2. Gabe

    You would think….

  3. John

    After reading the story I was reminded of the Mel Brooks film “History of the World -Part 1″ where Moses comes down from the mountain and proclaims to the people…

    ” I have 15…..(drops one tablet)… 10…10 commandments”

    Good ol’ Mel could always make me laugh.

  4. It’s clear that Moses was “knocked off”… but does that really mean he was killed?

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